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BE YOUR BEST SELF: What I want all of my clients to know...

Sara and Kylee ventured with me to my first Christmas Tree Farm mini session at Moore's Tree Farm! Their beautiful Christmas dresses & their upbeat and bubbly attitudes made this session SO. MUCH. FUN. Basically...11/10 would do it again.

Kylee and Sara took to the camera so well and channeled their inner models perfectly. I wanted to make them feel comfortable, so encouraged them to just be themselves! Here are a few other ways you can ensure your clients are the most comfortable they can be to make their personalities ✨SHINE ✨.

Meet up with them beforehand

I used to work with Kylee and Sara for around 3 years at a different the 3 of us knew each other pretty well. I remember when I found out that they were a couple - I was SO excited for them! When they asked me for a session, I knew it was going to be a great pair because I know how to work with them well and they trusted the photographer they hired.

Getting your client to trust you is a process, so be patient! Meeting up before you session gives you a chance to find out their story and why they chose you to be their photographer.

Ask questions during the session

Especially if you don't have a chance to meet up with your client beforehand, asking questions during the session is another great way to get to know them and gain their trust. It shows that you care about them as people and that you aren't just in it for the money.

Play music from a speaker

Make your session fun by playing music from a bluetooth speaker! Get your client in the groove and help them loosen up. Bonus points if you ask them for their favorite playlist of songs beforehand.

Encourage them to BE THEIR BEST SELF

You want to capture the true personalities of your clients...not someone else they are pretending to be. The other tips above can help your client build a trust in you to reveal who they really are in your

session. You have the privilege of telling their story through still creators and storytellers we should take that seriously!

How do you keep your clients relaxed during a photo session?? Let me know in the comments!

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